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28 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online over 4 years ago
levittown, PA
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Deactivated left a comment for Adam
Jan 15, 15 at 10:31pm

Hello ^^ how are you?

ayaka56 left a comment for Adam
Dec 31, 14 at 10:58am

I'm cosplaying as Asuna, form the first SAO. I go to otakon every chace I get. I'm going his year cosplayed as maybe night class yuki cross, rip van winkle from hellsing ultimate and Lucy heartfila[maid version] from fairy tail.

My top three well I can't really pick, but I guess I can say is Hellsing Ultimate, Vampire knight and bleach. I love anime that has supernatural elements. I also love cutsey type anime such as Fruits Basket, loveless, Ouran High School Host club and Kamisama Kiss.

MissPanda left a comment for Adam
Dec 30, 14 at 3:16pm

Hi. yeah I know I love D.N.Angel its still amazing. I lovee Dark :3

ayaka56 left a comment for Adam
Dec 29, 14 at 9:48am

Hello there its a pleasure to meet you. I hvent met a lot of guys into fruits basket lol. I'm actually cosplaying from sword art

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