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Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners
Based on a novel by Nasu Kinoko, writer for TYPE-MOON. Kara no Kyoukai plays in a parallel universe to that of Tsukihime.
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Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho
In an alternate history of the aftermath of World War II, Japan has been cleaved in half, with the south—Honshu and the other islands—allied with the United States and the northern island Hokkaido annexed by the enigmatic Union. It was on Hokkaido that a mysterious tower had been built, a strand of metal reaching up out of the atmosphere, visible from the northern tip of Honshu.
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Mari to Ita Natsu
'More wondrous than legend, more beautiful than a fairytale..
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Byulbyul Iyagi
Six animated shorts about discrimination and being different.<br/>“Daydream” talks about dealing with people with disability.
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Hoshi no Koe
Hoshi no Koe ~The Voices of a Distant Stars~, uses full 2D and 3D digital animation, is a story of a long distance love and mail messages between a boy and girl. Set in 2046 after the discovery of the ruins of an alien civilization on Mars, man has been able to make leaps in technology and is planning to send an expedition into space in the next year.
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Madouou Grandzort
In the future, the moon is a habitable place with atmosphere and gravity and is a famous tourist attraction. There are stories about a "long ears" creature like rabbits on the moon who can use magic.
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Tanoshii Muumin Ikka
<i>Source ANN:</i><br/><br/>In the remote and mysterious Moomin Valley live the Moomin trolls, gentle and peaceful creatures. Young Moomin and his family experience many strange adventures, both magical and mundane.
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*Based on a virtual reality werewolf novel by Kyougoku Natsuhiko.<br /><br />Virtual reality.
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Tekkon Kinkreet (2006)
* Based on <i>Taiyo Matsumoto</i>'s manga series <i>Tekkon Kinkurito</i>.<br/><br/>Black and White are two orphans who roam the streets of Treasure Town, beating down any thug or yakuza who gets in their way.
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Wangan Midnight
Based on a seinen manga by Kusunoki Michiharu serialised in Young Magazine.<br/><br/>The story gets its roots from the actual street racing that occurs on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway, one stretch of which is known as the "Wangan", literally meaning "bay side" (although it is generally used to refer to the freeway), the longest, straightest road in the entire country.
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Zero Duel Masters's official listing has the Zero Duel Masters storyline, reviews, and Zero Duel Masters pictures that you need.
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Ginga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai
After the collapse of the Sacred Galaxy Empire, a battle for control of the Milky Way Constellation breaks out among the War Lords. From the chaos of outerspace emerges a young courageous warrior, "THUNDER JET".
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Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi
A small, lone Kappa miraculously survives over 200 years into modern day Tokyo, Japan when he is found by young Koichi. "Coo" who is secretly adopted by the whole family, faces a tragic past and the present's challenge of living in a dramatically changed environment, searches with his new human friend for places not invaded by people hoping to find any remaining of his kind.
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Tobe! Kujira no Peek's official listing has the Tobe! Kujira no Peek storyline, reviews, and Tobe! Kujira no Peek pictures that you need.
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Kunimi Hiro is a high school student, who is forced to give up his ambitions as a professional baseball player due to a serious injury. Now at a new high school, Hiro gets involved with Haruko and her goals of reviving that school's baseball team.
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Aachi wa Ssipak
* Anime from South Korea.<br/><br/>In the future, all energy sources are depleted, except human excrements.
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Hal & Bons
Hal&Bons is a comedy where Hal and Bons
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Oshin comes from a family of poor rice farmers. Her father and brother must work in the fields and her grandmother and mother, who is expecting another child, barely have enough to eat.
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A man adrift on the sea finds three drops of water on his raft's mast. He desperately tries to get at these drops to quench his thirst, but they will not fall into his mouth.
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From the corresponding manga:<br/>Wakamatsu Masato lives with his step-sister, Miyuki, whom he does not have blood relationship with. <br/>Their father is always working oversea and left the two of them living by themselves in Toukyou.
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