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Forever Alone. Fact or Fiction? Believe it or Not?

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So far, it is for me. I've been single since birth. Nearly 26 years. Well, if you count not having hit puberty until I was 11, then nearly 15 years. In all that time, I've never done anything serious with a woman. I've never kissed a girl, I've never had a girlfriend, and I am indeed still a virgin. What is YOUR take on Forever Alone? Are you on this journey with me mytacos?

Apr 21, 17 at 12:57am

Had my share of dysfunctional relationships, but i'm clearly destined to not get have many chances.

Apr 21, 17 at 3:23am

It's actually fact for me, unfortunately.

Apr 21, 17 at 11:07am

I seems to not have many chances either. I never go for date now for 25 years and been wondering how it actually feels

Apr 21, 17 at 1:02pm

Yeah, I hear you. I've had a few chances in my day, but they just wanted a one-night type of deal and I just can't bring myself to do that. I need something deeper. Deep like the ocean. I don't want to be used and then thrown to the side. I think for the most part women that I liked or have gotten along with in the past were always interested in another guy or only saw me as a friend. I just have bad luck. Like really bad luck.

On a few occassions I pondered becoming a buddhist monk. You have to be celibate and all that. Or I'll turn into a wizard at 30. Something like that.

Forever alone seems more and more real everyday :'(

Apr 21, 17 at 2:33pm

I've been single for nearly 8 years. I'm on the asexual spectrum, so I have limited sexual experience, and I have had rather poor luck in relationship decisions since my first one, as in those 8 years, I have had numerous opportunities to start relations with people, but I either never saw it, never took a chance, took a chance to find out it wasn't requited, or been stuck as "Option 2" as the girl I like sort of liked be back, but was primarily pursuing some one else. Such is life. I understand that (If you put any stock in astrology) people with capricorn as an ascendant sign usually find love rather late in life, so you could say I'm stoic regarding the matter. I've also pondered taking a vow of celibacy and taking a spiritual path, yet at the same time, I think if I took that life path from a defeatist perspective, it would only prove to be counter productive in my spiritual journey. So I just accept my losses, and understand that an "Almost" is not a defeat, and things aren't as hopeless for me as they seem from an objective standpoint.

Its depressing. But its not like guys like us are entitled to automatic success. And trust me, I relate to being at your wit's end regarding the issue. But objectively, it's a toxic, counter productive place to dwell.

Apr 21, 17 at 5:08pm

Theres plenty of nice girls here, so i wonder how the guys and girls in here somehow don't get matched up.

Well chocopyro: my astrology sign is worse: Scorpio equals yandere :D

Apr 21, 17 at 5:11pm

Because they live too far away. lol

Apr 21, 17 at 5:15pm

'Too far away', well that's some part of comfort zone you'll have to give up if you want a good one. I know travel costs money, i know. But for all reasons to reject someone, a few thousand miles (kilometres for europeans) isn't really a good reason.

Apr 21, 17 at 5:44pm

Look guys,being melancholic and depressed about something so meaningless,to the point that you feel terrible even in the slightest possibility of remaining single,like is the end of the world or something,will not solve everything.

In my opinion,at least,it doesn't matter if you are single or in a relationship,as long as someone does not do something with their life,their misery is assured.Besides,even if someone wants to acquire a partner and try to find one from the internet,things must be desperate or must feel really lucky,since everything on internet(or at least most of the them) are questionable.

Apr 21, 17 at 5:47pm
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