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MaiOtaku Keeps Growing

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MaiOtaku is proud to let you know that over 5,000 people have signed up for the website, and thousands have filled out their profiles including pictures and their information. We’re very happy to be helping Otaku meet other Otaku! Sorry for not keeping the blog up to date, but we’ve been busy improving the forums, answering questions, and keeping the site running smoothly every day :)

MaiOtaku & QC Anime-zing! partner to bring you Anime-SPARK!

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MaiOtaku, in cooperation with QC Anime-zing! are bringing you a winter anime convention in Iowa on valentine’s weekend! You can learn more, register, and get information about the convention’s events online at

User Survey

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MaiOtaku users are encouraged to take our official MaiOtaku survey to help us improve MaiOtaku. When we know what you like or don't like then we know what we should concentrated on improving and make better!

Take the survey here.

Announcing Anime Database

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We're really excited to announce our latest feature: an anime and manga database. This database will allow our users to keep track of anime watched and manga read, giving us even more information to use for matching.

What does this mean for you? You can more easily meet people who like the same things. We are continually integrating your convention attendances and anime favorites into more and more features of the website. Soon you'll notice matches matched because of specific titles you both enjoyed or are currently watching.

The database is not nearly complete, because there are thousands of anime and manga titles. We are adding more daily, and hope to have nearly all of the most popular titles uploaded before early next year.

Otaku Speed Dating At Bishie Con

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We held our first ever Speed Dating event at Bishie Con this weekend! Over thirty people came, each having the chance to be paired with eight other Otaku that they might be interested in. Overall, the event was a smashing success.

It took us roughly twenty minutes (longer than we hoped) to pair everyone and ensure that everyone had a matchable pair for all eight rounds, so I might need to develop a computer program to do this for us. However we then coordinated all eight rounds, serving drinks and snacks during every round. Overall, the people who came were very outgoing and made lots of new friends easily. We will be getting back to the people who filled out their forms as soon as we have the chance.

The Latest From MaiOtaku

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Just so you know, we are currently very hot. Like you haven't notice, ^_^. There's currently an average of 200 'unique visits' daily. Roughly half, maybe a little less, are current users (because they typed directly in the address bar). Several of those might be coming from our advertising at anime conventions. Many visitors come from google, since we're doing really well there. The rest are from email, facebook, or as a result of our many promotions efforts across the internet (big thanks to everyone who is helping spread the word).

Biggest known site issues are: forum interface improvements needed, more matching improvements, and a few improvements to the search page.

For forum interface: we're going to (hopefully soon) try to make it so the mainpage lists recently posted topics, and so that topics are sorted better.

For matching improvements: we've made a really awesome question/answers/attributes system that will eventually be shared to help make matching even better. We're also going to continue the trend towards focusing on people closer to you and on people who have attended the same conventions as you.

We're going to try to add international search to the search page soon too. It's easier for you, though, if you just use the matching system to find other people - it's pretty cool. We'll also figure out something more to do with the heart pieces!

There are also things that we think are working really well, so let us know if we're wrong. We think private messaging is perfect, and that comments are fairly smooth too. Making friends is simple enough (though we might want to let you sort them?). Image uploading is cool, but needs obvious tweaks and interface improvements, so it's on the schedule.

Thanks for being here!

User Feedback

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We've been tabulating the results of our recent user survey, along with feedback from our forums and other areas of the website. This, in addition to our priority to-do list, is what I hope to continue working on for a little while. Some interesting notes to share:

Image uploading is the most liked feature.
People want most improvements to the matching system.
Most wanted feature was conventions attending/attended (implemented, but we're not doing much with the info yet).
What people want most is more nearby users (share us with your friends!)

This we've done recently:
  • Fixed Recent Activity Feed: You could only see the first page, now you can see the rest too.
  • Reminder Emails: We can now easily send emails like 'you should upload a picture' to new users. This should help us get users involved who signup then don't do much.
  • Square thumbnails: Now they are square and the same size, which makes our layout look a little better many places.
A couple of the next issues include: improve the messaging interface slightly (hide old messages in long conversations), fix the design of the forums up a bit.

New MaiOtaku Tour and Features

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We've created a tour page, showing off the many features of MaiOtaku. It's kind of fun to see them all on one page: personality matching, profiles, comments, private messages, convention matching, distance matching, photos and photo galleries. There is even more planned, starting with finishing the convention features. We think it should be really exciting to be matched with someone who you might actually meet at a convention.

Also on the agenda are improvements to site speed. Things are pretty constant, and won't get slower if more people use the site, but there are still a few pages that are slow (it takes 2-3 seconds for each of your matching pages to render). We plan to keep these matches in the database and only calculate them twice a day, instead of calculating your matches every time you visit the matching listings. This should bring about an 80% improvement to those pages.

Lastly we have introduced our super-alpha forums. These will let us see what features we're going to need most, and let us have something to start with.

Special thanks to all the users who have signed up lately, we've grown a ton this past week thanks to a few well-placed articles. Thank you to everyone for creating such an inclusive community!

Thirty Four

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Just a small note, there were 34 users created between yesterday and this morning (4am). Thanks to all who joined, I expect some of our current members will be welcoming you to the community already :)

Distance Calculations

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Big updates! Now your matches are sorted with very exact distance calculations in mind. Your new matches are a mix of the OtakuMatch score, which is based on your matching question answers, and their distance. You can see the code for that mix here:
for match in matches
   mix = score_sort.index(match).to_i + distance_sort.index(match).to_i
   sorter << [mix,match]
sorter = sorter.sort_by{|mm| mm[0]}

We're going to work on improving the OtakuMatch score based on things like Manga read/Anime watched, conventions attended, etc, but we have several features to work on first.