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Hi, alive again

Aug 10, 17 at 1:46pm

My cat dies
And most people care only of their lovers
And some friends don't even care
And some of them had given up on me
And again, I feel lifeless

Jun 30, 17 at 2:15am

Hm I guess rent can be pretty high? I bought my ps4 off ebay as a used one but it was still 250. Gunvolt looks cool but i'm not a fan of the gameplay mechanics, it's different but seems and looks slow and boring(even tho I am a megaman x fan as well). I did watch a playthrough of it though, ah I only played the Fate VN but got annoyed with their being more then one true end.

Apr 30, 17 at 11:38am

Oof that sounds kinda rough. Hopefully the economy isn't so bad where you live, well I do love jrpgs and rpgs. Your picture reminds me of Sorey from Zestiria, I also like action and adventure games and some party games and platformer games. I'm not a big fan of shooters though.

Apr 30, 17 at 11:26am

Lmao I think we all were buy I guess that is what they were going for. I tried a lil soul caliber but it felt really slow, wanna play in blazblue sometime?

Apr 29, 17 at 9:31am

I'm a stranger to marvel but I love how they made sigma a actual character/final boss. I remember you saying you enjoy story more so which makes sense why you'd enjoy lore and I grew up on Tekkan from playing with my dad. Never tried DOA and don't really see a interest to it, I do wanna try the XXX version of it for shits n giggles.

Apr 28, 17 at 8:28pm

Awe that's a bummer because i think it looks pretty cool. I only played Ultimate MVC3 and i enjoyed it. KoF was really weird for me, I couldn't get the timing down for some reason and I never played street fighter.

Apr 26, 17 at 12:16pm

Eh I have fun for the mechanics but their are actual fans out there like yourself. Xrd is different, but the last GG game I played before it was GGX2 which has a pretty different moveset for most characters. I don't feel confidant playing as any character in Xrd though sadly which bums me out. Blazblue still had that similar affect for me regardless of the changes but I played it more. Whatcha think about Infinite Sigma from Marvel vs Capcom Infinite?

Apr 25, 17 at 6:11pm

Ah I never cared for the story in Blaz or Guilty Gear. I just love the gameplay at least I did before Xrd made it modern and weird. Yeah GG got me into fighting games and jin is fun but kinda easy in my opinion. I still prefer tager.

Apr 25, 17 at 12:13pm

Hm, I wonder if its the new art style or if you are waiting for them to do their regular bullshit of making a "extend" version? I could never get into playing rachel, I like the big heavy damager users like Hakumen and Tager or the fast speedy characters.

Apr 24, 17 at 8:37pm
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