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29 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 8 hours ago
Lancaster, OH
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My Condolences man, I'm going through the same with my Uncle who passed away last week on Thursday. Take care of yourself too and also take as much time needed.

Nov 05, 17 at 10:19pm

A friend of mine just passed away, so think I might need to take a break from the internet for a bit. Take care of yourselves.

Nov 05, 17 at 10:11pm
shawnji left a comment for Chocopyro

Also, sorry for all the typos. My thumbs are too fat. xD

Nov 03, 17 at 9:19am
shawnji left a comment for Chocopyro

So, what company is it you're working for now (if you're at liberty to say)?

I saw your post in the confessions thread, and yeah, a lot of people do work practicallg 24/7 and it's a huge problem. Still, they shouldn't have any problem telling you a set schedule. Even the workers in Japan have set work hour s.they just don't adhere to them due to it being shameful to leave the office before everyone else does. ^^;

Nov 03, 17 at 9:15am
Teacup left a comment for Chocopyro

"That kid's seen some shit at his last job."

Lmao wtf did you used to do??? o.O

Nov 03, 17 at 1:33am
shawnji left a comment for Chocopyro

Haha! Almost! Nah, just wanted to reconnect with people. I got a bit sidetracked for a little while there. ^^;

I've been (and continue to be) pretty busy with work, but otherwise am doing great!

How about yourself?

Nov 02, 17 at 12:28pm

Hello ! Finally someone from Ohio I can meet in person!

Aug 10, 17 at 10:20pm

Jul 31, 17 at 5:27am

Hey Ohio buddy ;D

Jul 30, 17 at 3:24pm

Athens, Ohio University players just before the Youngstown University Invite.

Jul 23, 17 at 2:16pm
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