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yooka laylee


Anyone else here looking forward to this?

Friend of mine preordered me a copy. Can't wait to play it.

Apr 02, 17 at 6:54pm

I wouldn't say I'm hyped, but definitely interested. It will be a while before I can actually get a copy of it. Persoan 5 comes first, after all.

Apr 02, 17 at 7:42pm

I'm still on edge about it, I cancelled my pre-order recently, but idk if I still want it.

Apr 04, 17 at 5:45am
neeto commented on yooka laylee

TheTrueSelfDS, Because of the douchbag devs and the johntron thing?

Apr 04, 17 at 6:25am

I've heard really mixed things about it, some people love it while others absolutely hate it. I'd probably pick it up when it finally goes on sale though.

Apr 04, 17 at 4:16pm
[K0P] Jesus commented on yooka laylee
[K0P] Jesus

I'll most likely play it since a friend of mine is starting his voice acting carrier in it. It looks good!

Apr 06, 17 at 1:20pm

Absolutely looking forward to it! if its anything like banjo tooie. ill love it all the same x)

Apr 06, 17 at 1:32pm

they took jontron out of it saddly, feels bad man...

Apr 09, 17 at 2:40am
neeto commented on yooka laylee

Whelp, I spent the day playing and streaming it for a few buddies. It's not a bad game, but I do have some issues with the level designs. They seem a little too big and generic looking. The most memorable levels in the original banjo games were built around some nice center pieces and clear cut themes to match. Here it's like the first level was designed by emptying a box of large rocks out onto a lawn and sprinkling collectibles on it.
I was also hoping for some more original music but instead it feels a bit like a rehash of music from the banjo games.
It plays/controls well enough at least, and it's still far better and no where near as insulting as nuts and bolts, so there's that I guess.

Apr 11, 17 at 11:18pm

Yeah, because Nuts and Bolts was a thing I clearly wanted to remember existed.

Apr 12, 17 at 7:04pm
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