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legend of zelda is prob my all time favvorite i also love shadow of mordor x'D i still play dark souls its a pain in the arse x'D

Mar 23, 17 at 7:21am

Omg You love Dark Souls, lol sorry if that was quite random xD

Mar 21, 17 at 7:18am

^_^ thank you for the freind request

Mar 20, 17 at 12:50pm

Sick as hell and have to deal with a massive migraine - can't properly focus when replying to messages which sucks because I really want to reply to my friends on here but it's kinda impossible to write a proper message to anyone at the moment :I

Jan 10, 17 at 5:14pm

I'm a few hours early but Merry Christmas! Been preparing a lot of things for it the last few days, stuff like baking, gift wrapping and all that festive nonsense which is why I didn't have the time to reply to anyone very recently. I should be able to starting boxing day but I might be a wee bit slow since I'll be spending a lot more time with family and IRL friends. Hope you all have a wonderful time <3

Dec 24, 16 at 3:39pm

I'm doing well but I'm exhausted from all the shopping and errands.

Dec 21, 16 at 6:18pm

I've noticed a bug going around where I send messages to people but the other person doesn't receive them. It's pretty annoying - I feel so sorry for my friends sending replies to my giant messages that don't even send properly ;-;

Dec 21, 16 at 9:21am

Hi1 How are you doing? :)

Dec 17, 16 at 4:42pm

Thanks for befriending me!

Dec 17, 16 at 4:21pm

Hi, nice to meet you! :)

Dec 16, 16 at 11:25pm
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