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Yuri on Ice


I love that gif okay, such a cool guy, so dominating. *_________*

Nov 23, 16 at 3:46pm
punhero commented on Yuri on Ice
This account has been suspended.
Nov 23, 16 at 4:14pm

I don't want to admit it....but I just started watching this...and....all my hopes and dreams and then a sexy beast.

Nov 23, 16 at 7:06pm

And now I feel like a pedophile for thinking yurio is sexy too..... maybe I should stop... xD

Nov 23, 16 at 7:49pm
shiroakai commented on Yuri on Ice

i love the opening song, so inspirational!!!(the hot guys are a plus as well XD)

Nov 23, 16 at 9:20pm

teacup fell for the trap lmao

Nov 23, 16 at 10:12pm

To be honest, I live and breathe for this show, I have no clue how I am going to survive without out it. Wednesdays have once again lost their charm lol. Does anyone have some good Fanfic Rec's (preferably on Ao3, tho not necessary. ) To hold be over until the possible season two.

Dec 29, 16 at 11:20pm

For all you Yuri on Ice fans out there, here's your all time favorite single.
"Theme of King J.J."

Dec 30, 16 at 5:13pm

I don't like JJ...but dang I felt so bad for him when he missed everything....

Dec 30, 16 at 5:58pm
n a e r i commented on Yuri on Ice
n a e r i

yoi is my reason for existence

Dec 31, 16 at 5:05pm
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