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Yuri on Ice


Is anybody else following this series!?
I swear this is the only reason I don't hate Wednesdays.

Nov 17, 16 at 11:33am
Keiseki commented on Yuri on Ice

I do. I've been spazzing the whole day because of the latest ep. (Like, hell. Good job, Yuri.) :)

Nov 17, 16 at 2:31pm

Omg. I made some unholy noises because of the new episode.

Nov 17, 16 at 2:51pm
Keiseki commented on Yuri on Ice

You'n me both! Moooooooooore please! Could almost hear an announcer's voice yelling GOOOOOOOAL in the background.
Everyone's a giggling mess on my other feeds. We're not alone. Hahaha.

Nov 17, 16 at 2:55pm

I swear people are arguing that it didn't happen and I REALLY JUST WANT IT TO BE CANON!

Nov 17, 16 at 7:02pm
Gurren921 commented on Yuri on Ice

This series is amazing!
Totally underrated

Nov 17, 16 at 8:15pm

It's definitely canon!!

Nov 20, 16 at 10:20pm

My ex gf's 13yo sister wants to see it.

Nov 21, 16 at 2:25am
xynox commented on Yuri on Ice

You bet I am.

It's like Free!!, just gayer.

Nov 23, 16 at 1:50pm

The more exclamation points the gayer it is!

Nov 23, 16 at 2:01pm
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