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Yuri on Ice

Mira commented on Yuri on Ice

I miss it so much I'm just sitting here like

and reading random threads about it xD

Jan 11, 17 at 8:49am
Ed~ commented on Yuri on Ice

I want to give it a chance but a lot of people told me it was borderline yaoi. Is it true? what do you guys think?

Jan 11, 17 at 12:44pm

To be fair they're not fanservice yaoi. Yuri and Viktor are just a legitimate homosexual couple. But I say couple lighty because of course they haven't established anything (even though they kissed and almost got married). I mean its more than just a yaoi relationship. As a fujoshi I can tell you the interactions between Yuri and Viktor are very different from the typical yaoi tropes. Viktor gives Yuri confidence, he gives him a reason to continue his passion by showing him he's actually good at what he does. The relationship between Yuri and Viktor is more to show Yuri's progression in establishing more confidence within himself and its more endearing than it is erotic. It's actually a life experience. And they're not the only characters with focus. The show actually gives limelight to all the characters and makes them each understable and enjoyable even if they're only meant to serve as Yuri's rivals. You actually empathise with some of them. If your really against gay scenes or couple then yes stay away from the show. But if your willing to accept that they're just another couple in the show just as any other relationship then this is definitely worth a watch.

Jan 11, 17 at 1:01pm
Mira commented on Yuri on Ice

I agree with latemery but I do think it's possible for you to watch the entire show and pretend Yuri and Viktor are just really good friends. They never really say anything explicitly on the show xD

Jan 12, 17 at 6:00am

It's a really good show, and I hope people aren't missing out on it because they're worried about it being a yaoi.

Jan 12, 17 at 9:21am
cypher commented on Yuri on Ice

I really didn't feel like the show would be good but as soon as I watched it I really like it it's pretty funny and the skating is really cool to watch

Jan 12, 17 at 11:47pm
votom commented on Yuri on Ice

I love Guang!

Jan 22, 17 at 10:02pm

[slips into this thread like yuri does on ice] :^)

Jan 30, 17 at 2:34pm
art Ry commented on Yuri on Ice

I really love this show, it's so cute.

Mar 16, 17 at 11:13pm
Rii commented on Yuri on Ice

I really enjoyed the show. I truly hope that there will be a second season. I also hope that if/when there is a second season, I will have someone to subtly fangirl with. xD

Mar 17, 17 at 11:59pm
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