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Most Sad Video Game Deaths


So, I guess put what you believe were some of the most sad video game deaths you have encountered. If you can, you should try to explain why it was so sad to you, but if you cannot, then it is alright.

A couple of mine would be:

Lavitz Slambert from The Legend of Dragoon. I do not have much of a reason for why, other than he was a favorite character of mine. I need to replay that game, because I do not really remember the death scene that well other than Lavitz being impaled.

Tidus from FFX. How can you say that it is not sad? I mean, he never actually existed. So the whole time Yuna is in love with him, and in the end the Faith just decides to screw with her and not keep up the dream that is Yuna.

Xion from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Roxas started showing actual signs of emotion for her, almost like he was in love with her, and then in the end no one remembers her, but she is still burnt into the back of Roxas' mind.

Finally there is GLaDOS from Portal. A woman loses her humanity and is forced to become a psychotic machine, who is then turned into a potatoe. Kind of sad.


Oh, here is another one. Any Digimon you raise in Digimon World 1. That is because you grow so attached to you partner that it emotionally screws with you when your partner dies due to battle, sickness, or old age. I mean, you get to re-raise your digimon, even being able to choose the Digitama you want, but it just feels like a different digimon for some reason.
Mind you, this is from mindset of when I was a child. XD


Tellah from FFIV
Dom in Gears of War III
Luis in RE4
Gary's Raticate Pokemon B/R/y
Marble, Presea's sister/Regal's wife, Lloyd's mother and Corrine(although he comes back in the Iselia Temple as Verius)-Tales of Symphonia


Do not forget about Zelos. Depending on how you play the game Zelos either re-joins your party, or he dies and you get Kratos as a party member again.

I am glad you commented on Corrine's rebirth into Verius, and him becoming a true summon spirit.

Those are all very sad though, especially the ones from the Tales games. Gary's Raticate is a very subtle sad, but sad none-the-less. I mean, you murdered the poor thing.


I did not mention all of the excessively intense and impacting deaths in Majora's Mask. I tried posting Anju's, Kafei's, Cremia's, and Romani's, along with how intense it is and the easily overlooked things when you play the game (like when you realize what they have to go through if you do not help them and let the moon crash), but the site did not post my message and deleted it. I could write an essay on all of the underlying emotions and realizations you receive once you notice all of the fine details with all of the characters like those four, Mikau and Lulu, the little girl and her father on top of Ikana Canyon, the Goron child and his father, the Butler Deku Scrub's son, etc.
If you wish to know just why they are so intense and depressing just message me and I will tell you. I just do not want to fill this with too many feelings of TLDR, but I believe them to truly be the most depressing deaths of absolutely anything I have seen (other than in real life). I mean, there is a reason why the levels are modeled after the stages of grief.


mmmmm....minato from naruto and his mommy i forgot her name she just gave birth and the both fucking die right after seeing their newborn son that was fucked up ummmmmm tidus yeah that was sad jecht was too and auron's death was fucked up too i did not like how lady yunalesca killed him tidus jecth sir auron and braska all of them die it was sad chappu wakka brother was sad even if we didnt see him he was still going to purpose to lulu he was lulu lover and he die thats sad ummm.....lulu summoner from the hidden cave of the faith lulu couldnt protect her and her sumoner die in battle that was sad even if we didnt see how she got killed...let....seeee....i got more ^^


OOOOO!!!!RULE OF ROSE BROWN'S DEATH WAS FUCKED UP!!!the girls dog at the in of the survival game these little bitches started the beat the shit outta the dog tie in a bag!!!!!!! with knives and bats and their feets just beating up the dog killing him and whats fucked up is the one who wanted to kill the dog was the LITTLE GIRL BEST FRIEND WHY DID SHE KILL THE DOG BECAUSE SHE HAD A LEZBBO CRUSH ON HER AND WAS JEALOUS SOO SHE HAD HER GANG OF FRIEND STEAL THE DOG AND KILL IT the scene was gruesome!!!!!!!blood everywhere.....it was a mess >.>" it piss me off!!! xD


clock tower 3 where the little girl gets killed and her face smash in my the sledge hammer killer playing a piano for her daddy practicing and having some killer come in and kill her was sad her dad die by bombers in the war and landed on a wire fence burnt up was sad and he had his lil girl item in his hand when he die that was soo sad.......<=[ ahhh too mmany sad deaths in horror games man i can just go on and on!!!xD oh KILLING YUNA'S AEONS THATS WAS SAD!!!!AND HAVING YUNA WATCH AS SHE KILLS THEM WAS SAD!!


get used to me im gonna be posting for a while on this xD

final fantasy XII ashe husband dies right after their wedding then on the next fucking day he dies!!!!! that was soo and pretty fuck up since they just got married it was pretty much like ONE DAY WEDDING HAPPY HAPPY JOY NEXT DAY FUNERAL SAD SAD CRYING!! XC i dont care who you are if you just marry to somebody you love and the next day she/he gets killed its gonna make your ass cry in real life soo as a game that was sad and vann older brother who was...17 (i think) he die in battle leaving his little brother alone thats was sad too


lol You can continue posting if you desire. I tried not to do too many to let others get a few in. XD

I honestly found Kafei and Anju's deaths a more depressing wedding oriented death, as well as Romani and Cremia's sibling based death.

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