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Most Sad Video Game Deaths

tidus comes back at the end of ffx-2. Zack Fair's - in FF7 Crisis Core. Aerith - Final Fantasy VII Lee Everett - The Walking Dead Video Game Shinjiro Aragaki - Persona 3 Sarah - The Last of Us Sam - The Last of Us Henry - The Last of Us Roland - Borderlands 2 James - Fallout 3
i have idea who you talking about dude on the whole wedding thing ^^" whose anju?
Tidus only comes back in one of the endings IF you get 100%, and he technically still died despite that. So, there still multiple realities where Tidus remains dead, making it still sad. Have you never played The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask? I commented that Kafei and Anju were both from that game. To answer your question though; Anju, and her mother, both run the Stockpot Inn within Clock Town.
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