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Genshin Impact


I got cheated! The boss didn't drop any of his items. Like I know he's supposed to give me a guaranteed drop. The hell man?


I messaged Mihoyo several days ago about not getting my reward for the dungeon.

Of course they still asked if I, the user, did not play the game properly.

After insisting that I did everything I was supposed to do, all I got was a sorry for the inconvenience.

No "here is some resin for your trouble or the items from that dungeon."

Like why is Mihoyo like this as a company?

They demand money constantly and customer loyalty, but that's ass backwards from how any service should work.

If your service fails to deliver and your company is overly successful, what issue do they have compensating people who have paid money in the past?

My account isn't free. So why treat me like one?

Worse yet, they put out an announcement that they want Elon Musk to be apart of the game!

Why Elon Musk?

Elon Musk doesn't have anything to do with the series.

Why is a person who doesn't pay or play a company's product more important than the paying customer?

It's dumb!



Welcome to the world of f2p Mobile Games. Where they milk you of your money and disrespect your intellect when you have a problem (Even if reception says the game is competent enough)

Oct 18, 21 at 7:52am

Chinese companies don't care about anyone. They are making enough money as it is. Also the musk thing is purely for clout. They want to draw more people in. But they will continue to fuck people on anniversary gifts etc


I'm using 81 wishes to get my Hu Tao maxed as well as pull Thoma and the ninja girl.

Wish me luck.

(I got all 3.)

Nov 02, 21 at 8:49pm

Got my Hu Tao fairly fast.. time for C6

Nov 02, 21 at 10:04pm

Time to faceroll


I don't have Hu Tao as I wanted so I've gotten Thoma at least.


Also I've been thinking to main Thoma too but just need the artifacts for him tho.

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