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Genshin Impact


Give hack pls

Aug 10, 21 at 11:21pm

Now how is an honest, multi-billion dollar company supposed to provide a quality game experience if people learn how to unlock all characters without spending $50,000?

Better hope Tectone doesn't hear about this and rat you out to Mihoyo before posting 20 YouTube videos ranting about how ungrateful players are!



Aug 11, 21 at 12:36pm

Yae Miko when?




(Note: Downloaded Genshin Impact on my phone and Ps4, havent played it yet but will give it a shot and avoid those micro transactions). Anyways, I took a "Who is your Genshin Impact Waifu?" Quiz and this is who I got on my first run through. Apparently it thinks I like being stepped on.

Aug 11, 21 at 11:25pm

I got Zhongli.

Calm, reserved, and polite, Zhongli is very self-aware of his privileged upbringing, but he's conscious of not letting it define him. If you like a husbando with a strong moral compass, intellectual ideas about life and philosophy, then Zhongli is your man. He's also sharp in combat, using his polearm and Geo abilities to devestating effect.

Aug 12, 21 at 7:04am

lol, All i did was figure out how to decrypt and unpack their assets, but i very well could use that to inject something like melonloader to write mods for the game but im more concerned in the models themselves :)

Aug 18, 21 at 10:27pm

I don't like the new Theater Mechanicus. I feel like it places way more emphasis on luck and takes away player involvement.

I also don't enjoy how they seem to have greatly extended the time it takes to complete waves.


It felt way faster than the old one imo

Aug 19, 21 at 2:33am

Either way, I have less fun with this version.

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