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Any FFXV fans out here?


I cosplayed as king Noctis so you can say I'm a pretty big fan too. Awesome to find more FFXV fans! I know it's not a perfect game, but the bros bond and the villain who is my favorite of all time in FF are what made this game so special to me. I still remember crying so much once the credits were rolling T_T


Ardyn is a strong and charismatic villain, but Kuja was the only character that had a full story arc. Sure they made a prequel story for Ardyn but it just made me more confused.


Personally if I had to go villains from Final Fantasy in order from most compelling to least it would be:

1. Kuja
2. Ardyn
3. Kefka
4. Golbez
5. Emperor
6. Exdeath
7. Vayne
8. Seymour
9. Cloud of Darkness
10. Ultimecia
11. Garland
12. Sephiroth
13. ??? Who cares it is FF13...


Of course number 0. On the list is the greatest villain of Final Fantasy!


It's really nice to see that there are others who enjoyed FFXV as well. :)
I had a solid top 3 for my favorite Final Fantasy games (FFVIII, FFVII, and FFX) and it was like that for many years.
Once I finished FFXV, I had to drop FFX to my 4th because FFXV just really moved me.
I loved the music, the graphics, the story, and especially the bond and loyalty between the 4 main protagonists <3
I really want to get more merch for this franchise, but there doesn't seem to be much around, and I am forever kicking myself for not preordering the Collector's edition of the game when it was first released. :/

Sep 27, 20 at 12:19pm

I enjoyed my time with FF15 quite a lot, its a good game. But at the same time it has an absurd amount of unused potential and it ended quite sudden. Its a shame.

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