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Gaming system

Xenioss commented on Gaming system
Aug 01, 19 at 4:52pm

WoW mainly since 2005. Looking forward to re-release of Classic.

KuroK commented on Gaming system
Aug 01, 19 at 5:00pm

Xbox here, which looks to be kinda rare on this site lmao

azzajit commented on Gaming system
Aug 01, 19 at 5:04pm

PC, PS4, Switch, 3ds

[GIRFF] Ren commented on Gaming system
Aug 01, 19 at 5:53pm

I mostly play on my pc, and when I need controllers, I'll just use the Switch ones. But when the next Persona game come out, I'm definitely buying a playstation :P

kathy1998 commented on Gaming system
Aug 01, 19 at 6:04pm

Mostly PC these days. My brother used to have a Playstation and XBox but gave those away.

Aug 01, 19 at 6:21pm

I have a pretty strong gaming PC, a PS4, and a switch. I play all three equally more or less. never really bought into the PC master race thing (even though I invested quite a bit into building this pc) because my consoles accomplish different things for me.

Like for instance, fighting games get ports to PC these days but I sure as hell would never buy a fighting game on PC, since the online is always quickly dead as nobody really plays fighting games on PC (unless there's cross play like SFV), in fact a lot of the PC players I've seen usually are the weakest, most fickle and quick to complain when it comes to fighting games, browsing the steam community for street fighter V is always a good laugh. I will always play fighting games on console because that's we're literally all of the competition is.

And then there's console-exclusives and stuff. While for PC, there's things that PC only has like RTS games I love like the Total War series, MMORPGs, and the freedom of modding and customization with specific games

rayelight commented on Gaming system
Aug 01, 19 at 10:28pm

My all time favorite is the Super Nintendo. <3 But I play a lot of PS3 and 3DS, too.

Aug 02, 19 at 12:57am


cuzcody commented on Gaming system
Aug 02, 19 at 1:03am

Pc but I don't play many games anymore

Sad Otaku commented on Gaming system
Sad Otaku
Aug 02, 19 at 1:20am

PC, Becuase all i play is WoW when im playing seriously. and MC or LFD2 when i wana chill.

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