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stardew valley anyone?


random game but does anyone play stardew valley on pc? im bored and kinda wanna start a farm with someone :3


I LOVE Stardew Valley, it's basically all I played summer of last year

pana @pana commented on stardew valley anyone?
pana @pana
Jul 09, 19 at 7:21am

I actually never played that game before; heard a lot about it though.

Jul 09, 19 at 7:23am

you should play! its a super chill game and you can literally spend hours on it


Yeah, Stardew Valley is the kind of game where you tell yourself you'll stop playing and then you keep playing for another day-night cycle... and then another. This was the last snapshot of my farm I decided to take: https://upload.farm/1H43Z3#mainFarm

Jul 09, 19 at 7:28am

haha omg yeah you tell yourself its gonna be your last day but then it never is lmao

Jul 09, 19 at 7:30am

woah damn your farm is like super organized and super efficient, bet you were rolling in the cash lol


So true, I got hooked at the worst time too, it was right before finals lmao

Jul 09, 19 at 7:36am

oof damn i hope your grades were okay xP


They were fine, I just went Super Saiyan™ on cramming

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