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Minecraft server


Janos_LP Pls Add this lost guy! Im the lost guy xD

Jul 22, 19 at 2:58am

I will add you to the whitelist if you send me a dm on discord. Please don't try to message on MO. It's harder to keep track when it's only MO.

Jul 30, 19 at 8:52am

server has been updated to 1.14.4!

Jul 30, 19 at 10:40am

I just checked the server for a bit, when will there be another event where some more people play on it? ~


Allright. How do I get on this thing? Is there a sign up sheet? What page of thread is instructions?

Aug 02, 19 at 12:57pm

Add Yestotally on Discord and ask him to whitelist you <3


Oi. Are you guys really building the giant catgirl? That was MY IDEA! That's pretty awesome.

Aug 02, 19 at 1:03pm

No, we're building huge shrek


Well poo.

Aug 12, 19 at 3:30pm

dm me on discord with your MC username and MO username. unfortunately, some other person has started their own minecraft server, and nobody plays on the MO one anymore. i'm just leaving it online, but since nobody has any interest in it, i'm not going to put any effort into it. if you want to own the server, i can give you the credentials (if you're kind of known on MO, that is). sorry.

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