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Remakes/Remasters: yay or nay?

Nov 22, 18 at 10:18pm

I think remakes and remasters are great. It's not like remakes/remasters are going to save as over the classic. You are still able play the classic version if you want. I just really like the idea of bringing mainstream attention to classics, since it has the off chance to revive the franchise.


I agree with B.
Also it kinda helps save money too, especially on the collecting side of things. Like the Megaman X Legacy Collection. While I would love to have both X2 and X3 on snes, they cost waaaaay to much for me to get. And yea yea theres that argument on emulation, but sometimes I just want to own a game ya know?

(I forgot to add collections to the title of the thread, but I feel like they fall under remasters)


I would love to see a Dino Crisis remastered


Remastering games feels fine on paper. Remastering consoles makes me want to die at how anti-consumer it is. Still not surprised Microsoft re-released their console twice after the original Xbox One. I'd rather spend money on a remastered game because at least it isn't a whole console with few new features.


DINO CRISIS REMAKES WOULD BE SO BANGING THO.... why does the black hacker dude in one make me think of kaizer..

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