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The Fire emblem Hub

Aug 20, 19 at 7:32am

Aug 20, 19 at 7:33am

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Aug 20, 19 at 9:22pm

I'll rank the games for no reason.

1.) Thracia 776 (Challenging and some of my favorite mechanics. Only support conversations to flesh out the characters would make the game even better for me. Remake never ever)
2.) Blazing Sword (nostalgia googles, I love everything about it)
3.) Shadows of Valentia (Remake of an already great game, Gaiden, with more replayability, fleshed out characters and the most beautiful artstyle)
4.) Three Houses (Maybe is just the "honeymoon" phase I'm having right now, but I'm glad I can have again actual worldbuilding, and a new continent to discover, unlike Fates)
5.) Conquest ???? ( I'm really conflicted because I really like the maps/mechanics of the game, but I utterly dislike the story/world)
6.) Binding Blade (If I love Eliwood's game I have to love the son's game aswell)
7.) Radiant Dawn (I really like the worldbuilding of Tellius, and here is where everything is expanded, but the blood contract reduces points)
8.) Path of Radiance (tbh I never got too attached to the Greil mercenaries)
9.) Awakening (Fun game, replayability, but the world felt bland to me)
10.) Sacred Stones (also not too attached to anything in particular, and too easy)
11.) New Mystery of the Emblem ( just a few changes improved Shadow Dragon a lot and made the game more enjoyable)
12.) Genealogy of the Holy War ( Originally it was in a higher spot, but when I gauge my desire to replay the games, after playing the game twice, I think this is the correct spot for me)
113.) Birthright/Revelations (ugh... I literally have no reason to play again these games)
114.) Shadow Dragon (this is just the game representation of the "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed")

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