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The Fire emblem Hub

Feb 12, 19 at 8:37pm

Enjoying the anniversary stuff for Heroes.

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Feb 13, 19 at 4:28pm

The continent has a name. Hype

Feb 13, 19 at 6:46pm

So the new fire emblem game is taking elements from Harry Potter and Pokemon Go of all things. Please tell me each house doesn't have their own story. I don't want to be burned out like how I was with Fates.

Feb 20, 19 at 6:42pm

Glad to have Be(a)st Girls in Heroes.

Feb 20, 19 at 8:48pm

i managed to get my baby boy keaton out of the first try of summoning :') god bless

Feb 21, 19 at 1:00am

Been thinking about playing some of the Fire Emblem games again. Haven't played one since Fates was released, well I did play a little of Heroes.

Feb 21, 19 at 5:25pm

Finally on break, hopefully I can defeat Radiant Dawn this time T.T

Feb 22, 19 at 6:29pm

So what house are you guys gonna pic? I'm going to Blue Lions.

Whisp commented on The Fire emblem Hub
Feb 23, 19 at 11:58pm

I dunno, I would decide that based on the characters, but I still don't like much the persona-esk character design.

Mar 10, 19 at 8:12pm

So I manage to summon a five star focus Sue for the second day in a row. Also managed to summon a Thea and a Lugh. This is my most successful summoning pool I've ever had.

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