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The anime games "Tales of" series, anybody play?

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Lol jade is awesome! Vesperia was very good


Any other good anime games?



"Ultra dispair girls:
Dangan ronpa another episode"

Onechanbara series

Trails of the sky franchise


I basically started from the very beginning with tales games. Played Tales of Phantasia on the SNES first, then Tales of Destiny(too bad we never got the really good ps2 remake of that game in the west), then I played Tales of Symphonia and loved it. The only games I really missed were Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 and Tales of Legendia more or less. If I had to pick I'd probably say Tales of Destiny is my favorite, especially after playing the remake. It's just a solid game with an enjoyable plot and cast.


!! Ill check out t.o. destiny
Otakaiser cool you are like patient 0 of tales games
Daggerfella ultra despair girls!? That sounds sad


yeah ultra despair girls is a Resident Evil 4 style Dangon ronpa 3rd person shooter.


Symphonia, Vesperia, Berseria and Tales of Graces F are great games in my opinion. Zesteria was a terrible game, I still completed it but it was pretty boring. Berseria was a breath of fresh air since every party member you played as was a bad guy or anti=-hero instead of the generic hero trope.


^Yeah, Zestiria was really meh. Don't know how I even finished it. Berseria was a pleasant surprise though.


My favorite of the series was always radiant mythology. It had several characters from the other games cameo and I loved the story and all the different classes I could pick from


Legendia was the worst one until Zestiria, at least in the core entries. You didn't miss much with that one, but at least it's better than Zestiria.

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