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I just played Doki Doki Literature Club

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Nov 15, 17 at 6:23pm

This visual novel was really well done and different from anything I ever read. Natsuki is best girl.


Doki Doki was awesome. Generally made me feel uncomfortable... Well until Monika came along xD.

Feb 02, 18 at 6:13pm

Sayori best girl

Feb 11, 18 at 4:53am

The hell's with the Yuri fans? Are they fans of Yanderes? Or is it the boobs?

She has no redeeming qualities...don't you have to have some to even be in the running for best girl?

Sayori: Optimist, earnest and self-sacrificing
Natsuki: Cute af, shy as hell, insecure yet willing to overcome it, trusting, and did I mention that fracking adorbs casual outfit?!
Monika: The goal who can delete, but also the girl that can protecc. Seriously, I wish for her to be my GF just so I don't have to put up with peoples' crap anymore. Hardcore dedication right there.


J͋̀Ụ̢̳̜̹̤͙͍ͪ̊̓͂ͨͬȘ̵̰̟ͨͦͦͅṬ̡͎̙͇̱̗̭̉̐ͬ̇ ͕̞͌̊M̀O̟͉ͤ̄ͭͣ͡N͉I͇͕̼̳͖̹K͓̖̫̭̺ͦͤͦ̚͟Aͭ̉̆̾̅̀


I was rooting for the Monika route from the start when my friend introduced the game to me a couple months ago. Made the psychological trauma a lot happier. Plus she knows about smash Bros melee and everyone has such great covers of her song!

Feb 26, 18 at 5:45pm

this was my first visual novel and I loved it! (I got shocked too... but thats wayne)

i like sayori :)


I find it a bit sad how popular this game is getting with people who have no interest in VNs or much of anything anime related in the first place. People sure love hopping on bandwagons that mock and parody things they know nothing about, don't they?


I like Monika. Just Monika.

Mar 06, 18 at 5:39am

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