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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]


Older Casual Gamers -> Pac-Man arcade.

Millennial Gamers -> Tales of Symphonia.

Me? This below...


I find that the moody and atmospheric soundtrack from "Eternal Champions" is perfectly fitting for taking a walk on a rainy afternoon in the month of April.

If you're not familiar with it, here you go:

P.S. Ack, I just realized that links for entire playlists aren't working. This site only allows links to single videos. So you'll have to search around from that link. There's tons of good tracks there.


Composed by Kenichi Kamio ( Cyber Cross, Phalanx for X68000, Puzzle de Pon, Andros Dunos, Breakers, Neo Drift Out):


FFXIV OSTs for realz. So many good songs. I can list on for days! Masayoshi Soken is literally a god composer


I want to post more, but I would be going on forever xD


Composed by the composer of Gimmick! for FC/NES.

But years later, it was ported to mobile as R.C. Robot Construction +, with different BGM.

May 29, 19 at 6:22pm

Just 3 for now

May 29, 19 at 6:42pm


The last because, hey, no list big or small is really complete without something from Fallout 3/NV

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