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Your first Video Game you beaten?

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Super Mario Bros. 3

Jun 05, 17 at 4:40am

Probably Kingdom Hearts 2, I got too emotional near the end of KH1 and never finished (I suckkkk). I always start and never finish games. Is anyone else like that? :(((

Jun 05, 17 at 6:46am

^..Ya, me. ive probly finished a handful of games in my Life. lol. most i start and never finish, But thats mostly cuz i buy games to play with others, not soo much as an urge to beat it. My taste for variety contributes to that as well. what i want to do or play is always changing. games today are tooo long anyway.

My first game i ever beat that i can recall, was pokemon Blue for the gameboy color i think.

Jun 05, 17 at 9:41am

Castle of Illusion on sega!

Jun 20, 17 at 3:29pm

Super Mario 64. :D


Super Mario 64

Dachinko commented on Your first Video Game you beaten?
Aug 03, 17 at 3:09am

Thanks, everyone that replied since my last visit to this thread! :) may the night be with you :)

Aug 04, 17 at 12:07am

TMNT IV: Turtles In Time


Tekken 1 on PS1. Back in the day I thought the graphics were glorius. Loved the ending, where Kazuya throws his father from a cliff and smiles. lmao

Aug 04, 17 at 10:41am

Zombies ate my neighbors with my cousin, took us an entire day.

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