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Final Fantasy XV

kh04 commented on Final Fantasy XV
Dec 28, 16 at 1:49am

If they released it for PC, id probably have to re-buy it especially is you can max the settings more <3

Dec 31, 16 at 7:00am

I finally got my first Platinum trophy! ^^
very found of this game, keeps me interested until I got a plat~

Anyone else having trouble with Adamantoise? this guy took me such a long time to beat.

Sanfi commented on Final Fantasy XV
Dec 31, 16 at 9:52am

@Kokoro Haven't attempted it yet. Thinking of finishing everything else before that. Now busy with the menace underneath Lucis

Pillow commented on Final Fantasy XV
Dec 31, 16 at 9:56am

So far i love it. Been focusing on every side quest i can possibly do before i continue back to the story but so far even the side quests have been nice and the little bit of story i've gone through has been great so far

Jan 07, 17 at 1:47am

I tried it out on my friend's PS4, and it's one of a couple games that has me considering a PS4 (the other being if Persona 5 is released as a PS4 exclusive for some reason), but I'm still hopeful for a PC version!

veeee commented on Final Fantasy XV
Jan 16, 17 at 1:51pm

So addicted to this game! Finally caught the angler's nightmare which took such a long time! Has anyone defeated the admantoisebefore reaching lv 99?

Tylor commented on Final Fantasy XV
Jan 17, 17 at 4:43pm

i did not let them sleep for nearly 60 days and the levels shot up from something like 49 to around 81

Jan 23, 17 at 11:10am

Just completed the game fully. Lv99, all quests/hunts completed, end-game dungeons beaten, Adamantoise soundly thrashed (beat him at level 70, what a pain that was) - 130 hours all in.

I could've beaten it quicker, however with games like this I like to take my time to explore them fully. Also, at least five or six hours of that was spent in Pitioss Dungeon - anyone else almost rage due to the platforming?

shawnji commented on Final Fantasy XV
Jan 23, 17 at 4:30pm

Sadly, I have set it to the side for a little while as I attempt to finish off some of the other stuff in my backlog. I actually platinumed three other games (Axiom Verge, The Last Guardian, and Trails in the Sky SC Evolution) since putting FFXV down.

I liked it, and I want to get back to it, but I've also got Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution, Trails of Zero Evolution, Trails of Azure Evolution, Trails of Cold Steel II, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, and Gravity Rush 2 to work through; so my plate is little full right now. o_O;

Where did all these good RPGs come from all of a sudden?!

Jan 28, 17 at 7:22pm

Has anyone tried out that Moogle Chocobo carnival thing yet?

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