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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

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Feb 07, 17 at 10:21pm

I wish. Is it better than Gilgamesh?

Loli-ButtCuddles commented on Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
Feb 07, 17 at 11:39pm
This account has been suspended.
Feb 08, 17 at 7:25pm

@mango Yes! I play on behemoth and tonberry :) the stormblood expansion will be out in a few months too, can't wait.


I'm Behemoth And Leviathan ;O Willing to transfer from either since a lot of my friends aren't around anymore :<

Apr 14, 17 at 11:09am

Brynhilder for me


Wow... When did tjis thread get so many posts XD

Apr 15, 17 at 7:53pm

i do , ij ust started. dont remember what server

Apr 23, 17 at 2:53pm

I am a cæt on Balmung!

May 04, 17 at 4:28pm

I can confirm Lamia has many friendly players, my fc and linkshell is full of amazingly nice people. I have ran into many other nice players as well.

May 07, 17 at 4:30pm

I just came back to ff14 since some of my irl friends started playing again and it is one of my favorite MMO's. So I was happy to return and being able to do stuff with them again. Currently my skills are very rusty. But I feel that if they leave again I don't have it in me to stay behind like last time this happened. So I'm looking for more friends to keep me excited to contine playing.

I am on Cerberus, so hopefully if others here are also there. If so let's become friends!

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