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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

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Excalibur is alright compared to where I had started when I was playing on my free trial.


I never left the server I'm on once. Just looking for a that's good.


Zalera isn't to bad. There's not as many people on but I still enjoy the serve.r


I'm glad I'm on Hyperion then. Populated and stuff is fine.

Sep 12, 16 at 9:01am

I'm super new to this game think I'm lvl 15? I'm on Excalibur it would be fun to play with someone!


there are a few from Excalibur on this thread. They might be able to help you. However, should you ever come to Hyperion post it. I can assist you if you do.

Sep 12, 16 at 11:09am

I'm thinking of getting into this instead since I quit WoW. Worth it?


I suggest doing some research on it. If you can find a copy of the base game, SE offers new accounts one month free membership and there is also a free trial that allows you to play uptil lvl 30. I think. I do not know if the free trial and the one month free membership are able to be used together. I would progress with the assumption that they are not though.


You can always do the trial version to see if you like it or not. 2 weeks for free then buy the game. Idk if you can do that on console. I know on the pc you can download and do the free trial.

Sep 26, 16 at 5:24am

i play and im on goblin,im almost lvl60with everything

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