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X buster my personol favourite is dragon tooth

Jul 08, 16 at 2:05pm

Looks like this group has already been working on a translation, Fran:

The last update was in 2014, but these things tend to take a lot of time, especially if you have a text heavy game and only one or two translators working on it and editing. There doesn't seem to be any formal announcement that they've canceled it, so that's a good sign. Nothing to do but wait, unfortunately.

Jul 08, 16 at 3:02pm

Hey that's MUCH better than nothing!


that is very true anyway celebration after 2 hours of playing xenosaga episode 2 i finally mastered the battle system

Jul 08, 16 at 8:06pm

^ Whoa, is she naked? I am starting to see why guys like this so much... <.<


No its a swimsuit also its one of the best jrpg trilogies for the ps2 but yes there is minor fanservice abd oppai but it has a great story

Jul 08, 16 at 8:15pm

Congrats on mastering that pain in the butt battle system!

*at work so will probably be off to work in another minute lol*

Jul 08, 16 at 11:00pm

Need some more Xenogears love!

And some Xenoblade for Daggera, so she won't feel left out... -_^*

Jul 08, 16 at 11:09pm

^I....I think I need... to play this... game...

Because it looks cool... no other reason.... and Fran says... it has a great story right....

Jul 08, 16 at 11:11pm

Indeed : )

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