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i have mixed feelings about xenoblade chronicles the first one it just doesent feel like a xeno game i went on youtube watched the start of it how ever xenoblade chronicles x looks pretty awesome and amazing

Jun 19, 16 at 8:47pm

As you get further into it, the influences become far more apparant. By the end you'll get a definite "Xeno" vibe. It is quite different from its forebears though; Takahashi himself said he tried to write a more simple, Shonen-manga-esque storyline. It shows, and you don't get much of the heavy psuedo-science / existential questioning of life that was in Gears or Saga.

Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed in Xenoblade X, and that's a lot of why I haven't finished it yet. The gameplay is as tight as the first, if not better, but the storytelling has taken a bit of a nosedive. It's a shame, because the idea of being stranded on a new world after escaping a dying Earth is a fantastic setup. I just don't find any of the characters especially charming or interesting, and the game being so open really affects the pacing. It can make major plot points feel really disjointed.

Then there's the music, which I actually like for the most part, but the mixing is absolutely atrocious, making it hard to even hear the characters speak during cutscenes. It could have been fixed so easily with a couple volume sliders too...

It's still a really good game, but ultimately I prefer the first Xenoblade.


Correct me if im wrong but xenosaga is linked to xenogears as a prequel taking a 1000 years before gears but from what i have studied abel and nephilheim is reincarnations and ancestors of fei and elly hence back story in gears all though it was slighty diffrent from saga but you can sort of see how saga builds up to gears im trying not to spoil anything as my beloved fancy sama is getting into the xeno franchise im trying to educate her with out spoiling anything major for her if you have a diffrent opinion please share


We need an HD remake!!!!


i agree kid now whos is your favourite characters xD


It's been awhile so I don't remember to much. I really liked KOS-MOS, Albedo and Jr also known as (insert spoiler here lol).

I always thought KOS-MOS was cool and whenever someone really damaged/ interrupted a certain move or killed a character I would hit them with the X-blast move or whatever it was called. Even if it was complete overkill lol.

Albedo is quite messed up. Especially in the psychological way. He's pretty easy to dislike/hate but near the/at the end is easy to feel really sad for him.

Jr./(insert spoiler here lol) always seems cool. I don't remember much about his character but I think he had a fiery personality not to mention an "in your face" cockyness that was likable rather than offensive not to mention an interesting tie with the past of at least one other character.


what is everyones favourite story\back in xenosaga it would have be the stpry between kos-mos mary t-elos and chaos im still not far in gears however feis back story seems cool also another place in xenosaga is ziggys back story which takes place in pied piper which never got release outside of japan however someone translateturned into a manga but sadly couldnt do it to the game


It's hard for me to remember all the stories and back stories but there's an interesting story regarding Shion and her love.


Yes however the shock of the red testament in episode 3 i was shocked however i cant say more with outbspoilers but damn that back story ^_^


It really was a shock. Quite interesting O.o

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