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Jul 12, 16 at 2:29pm

I need more time for my anime and video games but life or rather something called "work" gets in the way. Threatening me with "if you don't work then you get no monies and you can't live without my monies" T^T


i know the feeling i get very little income so i am trying everything in my power to get a job so i can get more monies /revision/latest?cb=20150409093313


best sound track in the game i love Yuki Kajiura

Jul 15, 16 at 12:09pm

Yuki Kajiura is pretty awesome. I can remember being ticked at first about her replacing Yasunori Mitsuda, but she did a really fantastic job. Her Noir and Madoka Magica soundtracks are great too.



Jul 16, 16 at 11:57am

I will try to post more here later xD


okay kid also @shawnji i bet calmity and escaped the cave im now in barts lair upgrading my gears also watching xenosaga 3 and the plot twists are blowing my mind o_O

horrormanga21 closest thing we will probably get to a pied piper translation

Jul 16, 16 at 4:33pm

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