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Anime Midwest

Dec 30, 13 at 10:17am
Anime Midwest is much smaller, but only because it's much newer - however it costs almost 50% less. Registering is $40 and hotel rooms are only $104. And the concerts are amazing.
I perfer acen. I went to midwest this past year
Feb 19, 14 at 7:08pm
I might have to go just for steam powered giraffe. I haven't seen them since World Steam Expo a few years back.
Feb 23, 14 at 11:52pm
I'm attempting to gather funds to go to this. Never been to this big of a con before.
Apr 08, 14 at 12:08am
This one sounds interesting.
Apr 11, 14 at 11:58pm
Anime Midwest is alright. It's sandwiched on the dates that Anime-Expo and Anthrocon are held on, so it tends to not get a lot less press. That and other things.
Apr 14, 14 at 7:36pm
Anime Midwest was the only anime con I went to last year and my second ever (I went to Animazement in NC a couple years ago), but I really enjoyed it. I'll be going again this year, especially since they're expanding to the convention center!
May 30, 14 at 4:16am
I went last year and had a blast for my birthday. It was worth it. Totally going this year.
Jun 21, 14 at 2:53pm
I'm planning on going to Midwest. I'm planning on going as two different cosplays and i'll go the first two days and maybe the third. This is my first time attending Midwest but it seems fun.
Jun 25, 14 at 9:56pm
Last year at Midwest was my first con and was completely epic! Great for people who find 5,000-8,000 people as ENOUGH to fight for panel spots and rides in the elevator XD The price for the badge and hotel can't be beat, especially with roommates and carpools. If anyone's curious, the big names at con this year are Sonny Straight, Caitlin Glass, Chris Patton, and Greg Ayres. =]
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