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so has anyone had trouble where someone asks you out, then you flat out tell them no, and no chance of anything ever happening, yet they STILL think there's a chance & wont stop trying to hook up?
YES!! It was so annoying!!! Well actually I dumped him and after he spread rumors about me he asked me out again and I said no and he asked AGAIN like two more times.
S @sugihara commented on grr
Mar 11, 13 at 4:13pm
Nope. Then again, no one has ever asked me out.
Asupon ❥ @asupon commented on grr
Mar 11, 13 at 4:21pm
Yep I had that experience before and plus when the roles switch I did that once (I've learn from it lol) Yeah, like on campus a guy friend of mine the first time told me how he felt about me and asked me out. Then I hated to turn him down because I only seen him as a friend only. He just kept it up and I'm like "Dude give it up already!" --; I think finally he gets the hint lol
Lorii @meow_tron commented on grr
Mar 11, 13 at 4:28pm
i was friends with a guy like that. he was really nice but i told him i didnt want a relationship at the time and he kept pushing it to the point i didnt want anything to do with him anymore, especialy since he was trying to manipulate me into a relationship near the end
Mar 11, 13 at 5:09pm
well he lives like 6 hours away & i told him no, but now he's got it stuck in his head that im moving to his town & we'll get together. i've started ignoring him & now he thinks im into someone else, which isnt true. like i posted a status on facebook asking for plushie ideas, and a guy friend (who's very much taken & happy) & we share crafting ideas & techniques, gave some ideas for new plushies & the obsessed dude thinks im gunna go out with the friend who's taken.
S @sugihara commented on grr
Mar 11, 13 at 5:16pm
Maybe then you should leave him to his own devices then, don't worry what he thinks about you or what he thinks you are up to. He probably just wants to incur some sort of reaction out of you. You've already told him no, (politely, I hope.) and now just give it a month or two. Trust me, he'll give up sooner or later if he doesn't get anything else from you.
Mar 11, 13 at 5:34pm
i was as polite as i could be without giving any room for a "well maybe i'll give a yes down the road, but not now" response. my male friend (whom ive known longer) knows how i am, & knows i only see him as a friend/brother, so im not worried about any drama being started over it.
Cecil @cecil commented on grr
Mar 11, 13 at 9:05pm
Not really no, just because I've been the one asking 95% of the time.
Mar 12, 13 at 11:54pm
Personally, I can't help but to look down on guys that pull junk like this. I know a few people that are like this and kinda laugh at them from time to time because they'll turn to me and my friends to try and help them get with the person. If a guy keeps on pushing and won't take no for an answer, sometimes you've gotta throw being polite out the window and just tell them blatantly as possible "it's not gonna happen" and maybe cut all ties and connections with them. Of course people that pull this crap are probably stalker material some time down the road too, so sometimes a restraining order might be involved.
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