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New interface!

May 20, 19 at 3:11pm
Hmm. I don't like it. At the same time, I find it strangely...suiting.
May 20, 19 at 8:33pm
I don't mind the new colors and stuff, but holy shit, fix your templates. You made it mobile/small window friendly, and killed web browser windows. It's disgusting looking at this on a computer.
May 20, 19 at 8:36pm
Patience. XD
May 20, 19 at 8:36pm
and 2 minutes after I post that, i change pages and the templates aren't garbo anymore. Good shit.
Im actually liking this new format, tho whenever you get around to it can you fix the private messages and comments under posts. One glitches out on mobile the other you just cant see. It shows them cpmmenting but not what is actually said. Otherwise good shit on the changes.
May 20, 19 at 10:38pm
Not sure, it's not bad but I think it's just because I'm not used to it yet. I thought my browser had messed up something at first lol
May 20, 19 at 11:40pm
I must say, you may want to rethink your ideas. It seems to have backfired in certain areas.
May 21, 19 at 1:24am
This makes much of the site unusable.
May 21, 19 at 3:00am
This account has been suspended.
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