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What do you think about never getting married?

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I proposed to my wife while she had a pickle in her mouth. I'm a true romantic, aren't I? XD

Marriage isn't or should I say, shouldn't be about some piece of paper.

Let's look into what a vow is, shall We?

Definition of vow

: a solemn promise or assertion; specifically : one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition

In other words, if you don't have the ability to remain strong and keep a promise, then don't bother. Marriage, whether thru legalities or thru a solemn vow, is ment for a life time. You must be willing to commit yourself to another and know that your "feelings" will change, even if your heart doesn't (Which is why I emphasize on love not being some stupid feeling. Feelings change like the wind, honest love does not.).

But, seeing how most, if not all of you are single, I wouldn't even begin to worry about marriage. You will change in ways you never thought of, when you find that person with whom everything just seems to fit. Live and enjoy life.


I'd rather live in a commitment of love that has to be renewed each and everyday; far too often marriage leads both parties to "coast" because they've gotten too comfortable.


Plus I don't trust women-- they have a tendency to transform into demon-faces so a zone of retreat is a must-have XD


Ah, trust/commitment issues and a dash of fanciful thinking. Seems about right for most.


As someone who's been told several times throughout his life by his step-dad and mother never to get married yet they're still together even though we are a pretty weird family that says a lot. I'm at mixed odds with marriage and kids, deep,deep,deep,deep down inside I kinda want kids but the rest of me wants to have a vasectomy(wanted one since I was 13). Also romance is pretty dead to me right now, I like being a nice and kind hearted person but i'm pretty sick of the same old online treatment I get from the ones I develop feelings for. At the end of the day people will be with who they want to be with, no paper, no vow, no religion is going to stop them.


Sounds like a slave thing if you’re a male. After hearing so many males say “I have to ask/talk it over with my wife first” I’m not doing it. I’ll take my freedom with a side of thinking for myself plz.

Dec 08, 17 at 10:43pm

I am on the fence about marriage. On one hand I understand that it is more than just a piece of paper and a statement that shows your commitment to be with another through both good and bad times. On the other hand I see marriage as a massive industry that propagates the idea that you need a luxurious and fanciful wedding with all the bells and whistles. While I personally do not mind if we never get married, if my partner wants to then who am I to deny her that dream? Whether it is for a religious/spiritual meaning or just because she wants to seal our commitment through vows I will go along and support her. It won't change my love for her or how I treat her but I do understand how important it is for some people. The one thing I will say is that I agree with Lamby. If I do marry someone she will have to be one hell of a woman and be ready for a lifelong commitment because when I accept marriage it means I am really serious about this and I will do everything make the relationship work. On the other hand if my partner does not want to get married then it is fine with me.



It's good to know that I'm fitting in :)


I would like to get married one day. That’s still something I feel strongly about but if the right person came along and I could see a future with them and they didn’t want to get married then I’m sure I could be swayed to just be with someone without all the extra stuff. I would still like to get married but it wouldn’t make or break a relationship for me if my significant other didn’t want to.


it depends
as of late i have been feeling like wanting someone in my life

but at the same time i dont. its weird.
at my current age i shouldnt really worry about marriage, but i have mixed feelings about it. i dunno. just seems stressful lmao

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