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hmmm... :/

Jan 01, 10 at 4:22am

I hope some day i actually get the chance to go!


I've been there twice. I plan on getting a degree in asian studies or Japanese and working there someday, when i can afford college that is. It's a beautiful country. Summer is deadly hot though.

Jan 01, 10 at 7:16am

I'd become a citizen, definitely. Or get a lifetime visa or something.


:/ well i guess we just re purpose this thread to what you would do in japan regardliss if you stayd or not. XD thats what its been like in here so why not?? XD


I would try to see all the cool places in Tokyo... like the anime district and any technology stores, :)

Jan 17, 10 at 2:06pm

I really hope I can go to Japan, I'm saving money for a travel there, and then I would like to see the whole country, everything from Tokyo (Akihabara especially ofc) to Kyoto to Fuji. And hopefully I can get my high school's scholarship for a two week exchange in Nara next school year. After high school I'd probably try to get into a university there or something..and after that actually live there (:


You all fail. I would try to get laid, but then again... <_<;;


I Agree With So Many Of You But i Would Definitely
Go Pet Hachiko

anarqe @anarqe commented on hmmm... :/
Jul 06, 10 at 4:52am

Start punching a crap load of people in the face and starting the worlds biggest mosh-pit in Shinjuku District, The entire world would see this on Television. It would be called a riot but it would be a Mosh pit. with the streets in other cities empty i would graffiti the biggest spot and skate with the Demon dog statues. Then leave. Days up.


hmmm i would...idk so many things to do >_<...hmmm i guess i would raid the Square Enix headquarters and torture Nomura for making the Kingdom Hearts series confusing!!

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