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Has anyone been to Japan?

Jun 17, 20 at 2:43pm

I've visited twice. Visiting is great, I never had any issue with locals. The only problems I had were with other tourists.

I've heard that actually living (and working) in Japan is completely different. There are nuances you have to learn about and deal with.

degenerate_kun @degenerate_kun commented on Has anyone been to Japan?
degenerate_kun @degenerate_kun
Jun 17, 20 at 3:08pm
This account has been suspended.
Jun 17, 20 at 3:23pm

Akihabara is fun, no doubt. There are a fair few new and used shops to buy merch. You can probably find/buy anything you're looking for in particular there, but you're right it's a "noob trap".

I was supposed to go again last March. I hadn't been to Nakano broadway yet, so it was on my list of places to visit.

Apart from everything else in the mall, the HQ for Mandarake is located there. I'm kind of upset I didn't get to go.


In my opinion, it is a must go. I have been to many places. This is my favorite place for travelling thus far! If you like Gundam, make sure you visit Diver City in Odaiba!

inter_change @inter_change commented on Has anyone been to Japan?
inter_change @inter_change
Jul 07, 20 at 2:12am

lol @ tourists with the 5ft tall backpacks don’t know how to get on the train during Tokyo rush hour.


Travelling to Japan is like my dream trip. Since moving to the city, my roommate (a mother hen type) is encouraging me to save my money for next year.

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