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Japanese name?

Apr 30, 17 at 5:04pm

When I studied abroad in Nerima, we translated our names. Of course I already had during my Japanese language classes back home but I was told that with English names when translating to Katakana their is a little leeway. Mine is Joshua so in katakana its ジョシュア literally Joshua. But if I way wanted to translate my name to a Kanji name I have a few routes: one go by syllables and choose appropriate sounding kanji or to choose kanji that have the same meaning as your name, if your name as a meaning.

Japanese who tend to interact with English speaking people tend to choose an English name they like, which sounds nothing like their real names most of the time.



If you're looking for your name to be transliterated into Japanese and uses Kanji:


It means "many kites".

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