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Would You Live in Japan?

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Khadrian commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Aug 25, 16 at 10:10pm

I've always thought I would enjoy the rural side of Japan.

Aug 25, 16 at 11:33pm

for a year or a half year maybe though i would have to learn the language and be able to speak it fluently. currently trying to do so >.<
if not just visit.

Yuusaku commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Aug 31, 16 at 11:05pm

I lucked out. The Typhoon missed my area however NE Japan was hit.

Sep 01, 16 at 3:30am

If I spoke Japanese I would (இ﹏இ`。)

Yuusaku commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Sep 01, 16 at 10:23am

Well, at least take a vacation to Japan. Just get your plane ticket it and use AirBNB to book a place to stay to save some cash.

If you're vacationing, you don't need to really worry on not knowing Japanese. You can learn a few important phrases to get you by if you like. You can play it safe and go to the normal tourist places. There are people who can speak a little bit of English at stores and restaurants. I'm not fluent myself but enough to get by. Man, I lost my apartment key jogging along Tsurumi River. The landlord (who doesn't speak English well) asked me to talk to the police at the police box in my area to see if they were found and turned in. Keisatsu-san (Mr. Police Officer) didn't speak English all. That was quite the fun experience. In the end, no key turned in.

Sep 02, 16 at 2:38am

Really?? (๑°⌓°๑) Yay!!

Sep 02, 16 at 3:25am

I would

Sep 03, 16 at 2:47am

I don't think I would... Don't know much japanese and I feel like people would treat me like freak (also fitting into places could be tough for me as well...)

Sep 04, 16 at 3:36am

My plans for the future

Move to Japan

Become English teacher

Make Real Life hentai scenes

Nov 26, 16 at 11:52pm

No. I would get real homesick. I'd like to vacation there for a week, maybe a week and a half tops.

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