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Anyone going or went to Japan?

jebus commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?
Jun 19, 16 at 2:53pm

I wanna go but I feel like I should study it so I at least understand if I interact with the locals. Also so I won't need a translator but I'm thinking taking classes for at least 2-3 years so I can also save up

Jun 20, 16 at 11:28am

Pretty soon I'll be there. Be nice if there were fellow MaiOtaku members that can show me around.

Jun 20, 16 at 10:19pm

Where in Japan? Me & my wife will be going to Okinawa this winter.

Jun 21, 16 at 11:45am

I'll be in the Yokohama area around China Town then later on I will be more on the outskirts of Yokohama just 30mins away from Tokyo by train.

Jul 03, 16 at 10:10pm

Went last month for the whole month and love it. Now working on becoming a English teacher in Japan.

Jul 03, 16 at 10:11pm

It took me 45 mins via train to get to Yokohama station.

Sep 13, 16 at 6:33pm

I'm here for the 4th time.
Moving up to Sendai for a year.

Sep 18, 16 at 12:56pm

Been there 3 times and love it more each time!

Sep 21, 16 at 12:08am

Never planning to

Sep 21, 16 at 4:52am

Why not Haruu? Not even for a little vacation?

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