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Anyone going or went to Japan?

May 25, 16 at 9:39pm

I've got a trip planned for early next year which I'll probably have to cancel since all my trip money went into paying for medical bills


i leave in 9 hours to japan, wtf is life rn

May 26, 16 at 2:59am

I'm in Japan right now. Taking a break after the long plane fight.


Im planning on going next year in may, cant wait!

Riolis commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?
Jun 09, 16 at 3:11am

Hah! I'm going to Japan in 5 days!
I shall not be left out >.<

Jun 10, 16 at 5:53am

I went to Komazawa Daigaku through my University's exchange program way back in 2003, and I stayed there for a year. Komadai is only two stops away from Shibuya on the Hanzoman line, so I would go there practically every weekend. I went to Akiba and Ikebukuro all the time too.

I took a week long backpacking trip to Kyoto and stayed at a youth hostel while I was there.

I stayed with a host family for a week in Kamakura amd they took me all over the place; including Enoshima (one of my favorite places in the country).

I dated a Japanese girl for about a year after leaving the country, so I went back to visit her once.

Then I spent a long time in the US, got married (to an American), and then got a job in Tochigi; so we packed up and moved there for almost five years from 2009 to the beginning of 2014. Ultimately, the amount of time there took a toll on my wife, who was not really a fan of Japanese culture at all, so we moved back to the US and ended up getting a divorce.

I haven't been back since, but I still interact with Japanese people on a daily basis because I work as a translator / interpreter. I'm looking to go back again in a year or so after I get my recent medical expenses paid off because I really want to visit some of my good friends.

Jun 12, 16 at 9:15pm

As of right now, I have not gone to Japan, but I really want to go. Although, I should probably learn some more Japanese or go with someone who knows Japanese.


I would love to but I don't think I'd be able to go any time soon.

Jun 16, 16 at 1:51am

I went alone and I don't know the language. I ate and drank A LOT.

Jun 18, 16 at 1:08pm

I spent a year in japan on a study abroad through my undergraduate degree. Studied language and culture while I was in Japan.

Spent most of my time in near the school in Nerima, just down the line from Ikebukuro. But I was able to make a summer trip to Nara, Osaka, Kyouto, and even down to Beppu on the southern Island. And of course I spent my weekends all around Tokyo and a lot of time in Akiba.

I think my blog is still up, I made one to share photo with family instead of sending e-mails all the time. If anyone wants to see what I did in Japan just message me and I'll get you the blogs URL.


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