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Anyone going or went to Japan?


I lived in china for 6 years and visted japan a few times when i was there (it was awesome). I also went once in the past few years.

Jan 25, 17 at 9:56am

I was in Japan for about 3 weeks once (at the time I was living in korea.) It was cool, but it seemed normal to me than how everyone describe it 0:


Sometime in May.


I've been to Japan three times now.
I just fell in love with the country. The culture, the nature, the people and of course the food are all great.
I'll definitely go back there, but first is visiting South-Korea and the year after that probably Russia.

Feb 27, 17 at 8:59am

Great that everybody is interested in Japan
But beware if you are making a visit, summer in Tokyo is hot and humid as HELL.
Especially if you are visiting comiket for summer...

Feb 27, 17 at 10:02am

I want to make asna mangaka in japan, and I want to go to study the culture as well.

Feb 27, 17 at 10:48am

In fact, there was an El Nino and La Nina in recent years, and right now, it's rocking the weather back and forth a little between them.

nativesprague commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?
Feb 27, 17 at 1:51pm

Japan's definitely on my bucket list of places to go. But so far, I've never even traveled outside the United States... feelsbadman.

Feb 28, 17 at 4:45pm

Planning on visiting Japan. Not sure when though...

Mar 09, 17 at 7:00pm

i've been to japan for one summer. if all goes according to plan i will be working in japan for half a year next september too.
honestly one of the best countries i have visited in my life, absolutely loved it

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