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English Sub versus English Dub

fujinkeima commented on English Sub versus English Dub
Jul 04, 12 at 4:30pm

As far as VA's are concerned,my faves would be Yuri Lowenthal,Troy Baker and Laura Bailey

Seiyuu-wise,it's all about Emperor Wakamoto ;P

Jul 21, 12 at 11:04pm

I like a lot of dubbing in shows. Some of them just take the show to an even further level of enjoyment. For example, the dubbing in Shin-chan and Desert Punk definitely stand out when it comes to hilarious writing.

The VAs that I actually like to listen to are Crispin Freeman (Only as Alucard, Zelgadiss, and Lord Zetta. Type casted in too many things), Monica Rial, Eric Vale, Kira Vincent Davis, JYB (Just Vash), and the ever so popular Steve Blum :)

Aug 13, 12 at 7:07pm

It is very situation based, the main problem with dub is that the translation is some time very bad or the voices don't really fit. some times watching dub is easier so that you dont need to look at the sub to know what is going on. however sub for the most part it better, for some reason it seems that fan sub are much actually closer to the best possible translation. i mostly watch sub and the dub for a show to find which one i like better before i watch it.

Aug 14, 12 at 11:54am

Like how animecountryboy said, I think it depends on how well the voice fits into a character. For example, on Clannad I prefer Eng. Sub because the Japanese VAs fit much more with the characters. Eng. dub is good, but sub is just slightly better for that anime in my opinion. On Fruits Basket I prefer Eng. Dub because the VA's fit with the character and you can feel emotion coming from them. That and Laura Bailey is one of my favorite Dub VAs. That's how I feel


subs over dubs defenetly

Aug 15, 12 at 5:57pm

I take a rather... complicated approach. If an anime takes place in Japan I watch it in Japanese, like Rurouni Kenshin and Usagi Drop. But if an anime takes place outside of Japan, like most of the Gundam Series or Wolf's Rain, I am more inclined to watch the Dub. It's about where the language is more appropriate, in my opinion.


subs are my main and most prefered i love the Japanese language it pretty neat but on the rare occasion there are english dubs wich are better only because the Japanese voices dont fit the characters and the only two ive seen that with are DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho


^what he said totally agree haha japanese goku sounds so weird

Aug 20, 12 at 3:21am

haha well I thought I was a loner on the Fruits Basket being better Dub than sub but
anyways its all good I usually like sub betters but it my case it comes down to
What it feels best when I'm watching like Bleach I can honestly say I can watch it
Dub or sub but naruto I can't stand dub version. Regarding the Dbz comment being
Able to speak spanish I would say the spanish dub is way better than the english and japanese
Because of the good writting and witty jokes


I like Subs when they include parts that were cut out of the english dub. but sometimes when they keep in words like hentai instead of pervert, or using ecchi as the word pervy it kinda seems like they are being a weabu, not that its a bad thing, but a more convenient translation is pretty much better.

i prefer dubs because i can pay more attention to the plot and what is going on in the background.

sometimes you may run into a bad dub, but i hardly find this to be true.

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