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English Sub versus English Dub

Sep 11, 18 at 7:04am

9/10 times I prefer the sub. Sometimes there's exceptions, as with Yu Yu Hakusho. I absolutely love the Dub, not a fan of the Sub version.

Sep 11, 18 at 8:19pm

I've seen some good dubs but honestly Sub more often than not feels more natural.

Sep 11, 18 at 8:24pm

Yeah, like with DBZ. I grew up with the dub, but I watched the subbed version later on. I really don't mind the subbed voices as they do feel more natural.

Now the dubbed dialogue in Yu Yu Hakusho had an extremely natural feeling as well. Especially with the quips and back n forth between the main cast. I tried watching the subbed version and just couldn't get into it. The characters no longer felt right.

It's a rare occasion when that happens though.

Sep 13, 18 at 4:27pm

For me it depends on which one I see first. If I see the dubbed version first then I prefer it and vice versa. It becomes what I'm used to and watching the other version then feels weird.

Sep 14, 18 at 9:06am

I prefer subbed anime. If it's dubbed then I can tell if the voice acting is poor quality but when it's Japanese it makes it harder for me to tell, which tricks my brain into thinking that it's a better preformance.


Same, I have no idea if it's a terrible performance in Japanese whilst dubs generally come across as forced.


As someone who understands the language...I dunno, there ARE some bad performances in Japanese but they aren't usually very common. Especially considering most seasonal anime kinda uses the same pool of A-list seiyuu/voice actors, but hell even the handful of total newcomers that performed in recent seasonal anime were good.

I think the pitfall with English dubs is just a lack of proper direction most of the time, there's definitely talent in the west but without proper direction and some localization done to the script make lines sound natural in English, of course a lot of things are just going to sound super forced.

Stuff like Yu Yu Hakusho's English dub was a prime example of exactly what happens when there's more effort put into the localization instead of just throwing some voice actors into a recording studio with a 1:1 translation of the Japanese script and having them read from it.

Japanese is definitely a language that just often doesn't translate well into English without having some things changed around. Then of course there's the cultural differences when it comes to expressions and idioms too. :u

Sep 25, 18 at 7:37am

I usually prefer the English Sub, but there's a few anime that's pretty good in Dub. OHSHC, One Punch...and abridged anything. In video games, I prefer English Dub, like Persona and Final Fantasy.


This thread is still a thing. My answer from back in January has not changed. Generally prefer the original Japanese, but I have no aversion to the English dub (except for NGE's english dub, that's cringe). On the flipside, I can't stand DBZ in Japanese. When I watch Toonami, I of course watch it in English to which I have no problem.

Sep 26, 18 at 8:49am

Deffo prefer english sub than dub all the way.
Dunno, was never able to watch it with dub, it just doesn't feel right in my opinion.

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