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Favorite Japanese Food?

darkhorse commented on Favorite Japanese Food?
May 07, 15 at 4:31pm

I love onigiri! My friends and I buy it all the time in New York. And I love daifuku too

May 07, 15 at 6:08pm

Never tried it, always wanted too though

inexpensitivity commented on Favorite Japanese Food?
May 07, 15 at 8:15pm

i really like japanese cream stew, theres a recipe on little japan mama and i use it every now and then and it always comes out super delicious

May 08, 15 at 11:25am

Don't hate me, but... tonkatsu :3

May 14, 15 at 11:07pm

Daifuku Mochi.

May 15, 15 at 12:43am

mochi ice cream :3

May 19, 15 at 9:24pm

Fried Tako squid Balls dipped in sweet Soya sauce with a side of Sweet Potato a la japenese

May 19, 15 at 11:00pm

Sushi - eel ugami. OOONEGAI SENPAI

May 21, 15 at 4:51pm

pocky, poga, yanyan. (when I say this in public people think I am talking about sex, and say "Yeah I will sick my pocky in your poga then we can yanyan." and I am like. "You do realize that your using candy names for actions and sounding really stupid?")

I also like the shitake tempura roll

May 21, 15 at 5:29pm

Japanese curry.

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