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ANIME character you want to MARRY with :D

Jul 26, 15 at 6:55pm

Mhh, in the anime i watched there were multiple personality types i would really like to see in a girl IRL, So I guess:
- Black Rock Shooter
- Haruhi suzumiya
- Misaki Ayuzawa from Maid-sama!
- Misaka Mikoto from To aru no majutsu no index

Guess i have a thing for wild girls, being a introvert myself


Akatsuki from log horizon x3

Jul 27, 15 at 3:04am

Want very bad,to marry with,Kotori Minami


hot toss up between edward elric and ami from toradora


Oh god, don't get me started! But first most current guy that comes to mind is Hak from Akatsuki no Yona. Yeah, I aim way too high. XD XD XD

Jul 31, 15 at 2:40pm

Is creating your own harem fine, too? Too many handsome 2D gents and ladies to just pick one, haha :D

Jul 31, 15 at 2:41pm

Ayatsuji Tsukasa

Jul 31, 15 at 10:13pm

Up little sister moé


So many choices lol, but I'll pick these two.

Haruki Sagae- Akuma no Riddle

Nishinoya Yuu- Haikyuu

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