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can someone teach me some japanese?


hahaha!! Lol xD Japanese People are really attached to their own culture could I say this..[Sorry I am bad at English] uhmm.. like respect their own ideals through taoists temples and Buddhism. To tell you guys, I am a Half Japanese and a pilipino and me and my mother were actually Buddhists but since my father had gone away, my mom decided to change into catholicism So..I kind of been depressed for my whole life and career since change private English schools here and it's gives me an headache...
But the way their are 3 types of writing in Japanese so here: Hiragana,Katakana,kanji
So I'll you teach guys how to introduce yourselves in Japanese: [hope you guys like it! :)]
Minna-san Doumo Hajimemashite! "Watashi"[for girls] "Boku"[for boys] wa [ Name] Gozaimasu! Douzo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! Arigatou Gozaimashita Minna-san!

So yeah it's just that easy :)


I just know basic greetings, food names (mainly fruits), animals, Are you free now? and where is the red toilet. I kid you not on that last one, I learn that phrase in each language, why? not a clue.

Jun 02, 15 at 10:52pm

all u need to know


Loli-ButtCuddles commented on can someone teach me some japanese?
Jun 03, 15 at 2:08pm
This account has been suspended.
Oct 05, 15 at 8:02am

It is a nice dream!(=soreha sutekina yume design! =それは素敵な夢ですね!)
Good luck studying Japanese.(=nihongo no bennkyou gannbatte kudos.=日本語の勉強頑張って下さい。)

Oct 10, 15 at 10:21am

I have already learned all of the hiragana and katakana. I know the meaning of some kanji as i have studied chinese. My method is and i study by myself.

First learn hiragana and katakana. Learn fast too.
then comes grammar and kanji bits by bit.

It easier to learn if you have some kind of tool to read with.

after looking through the hiragana and katakana. i started to read the visual novels i bought to my ps vita. Even if i don´t understand and can read all of them i still tried to read the ones i knew. That way it became easier to learn and repeat by a method that is fun. also The visual novels have voice acting so i could hear how to spell some kanjis.

as for kanjis. i pick some important ones from learning books and those that appears frequently in the visual novels and try to learn them. When i know them well i pick new ones.

as for grammars. you just have to study it. I try to write some sentences and understand the stucture by reading the VN to learn it. So i study it and repeat it at the same time.

But i can´t speak it as i have no interest for that. just reading, writing and listening so i don´t have to wait years for those translations for VN

so to sum up. Find i fun way for you.


lol oppai tengugo kana is a good app to help learn Hiragana and Katakana used with a flash card app. Human Japanese is another good app to help learn baaaasic Japanese and is easy to go through but it'll teach you basic sentence structure and stuff.

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