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Mar 14, 15 at 1:07am

Would happily go back to Japan to visit, may stay a few years if the opportunity was there. @xueli: Summers there were borderline oppressive with the heat and humidity, but air conditioning is fairly common IIRC.

Mar 25, 15 at 1:08pm

I finally found my password XD anyone miss me?

Mar 25, 15 at 1:13pm

Do you also want to be gang rape in the train

Mar 25, 15 at 5:54pm

I don't.

Mar 25, 15 at 8:46pm

I wanna live in Japan, too! So many rich culture and inspiration! X3

Mar 25, 15 at 8:56pm

I would just want to visit myself. I don't think Japan is something I could get used to after a year. I am too loud and outgoing.

Apr 14, 15 at 6:24pm

I'm sorry. But are you a weeaboo?
I mean, sure, Japan is the birthplace to anime and all its beautiful anime-related items. But don't you think living there is overdoing it?
Visiting it for maybe a month or so seems like a better plan in my opinion.

Apr 19, 15 at 5:14pm

Living in Japan is great for someone who honestly wants to live in Japan and not an anime. Too many otaku or anime fans get blinded by anime into imagining Japan as something that it's not, but embracing Japan for what it really is like can be an incredible experience. Living there is definitely great for some, so visiting for awhile can really help you understand if it's something you'd truly want.

darkhorse commented on I WANNA LIVE IN JAPAN
Apr 19, 15 at 8:08pm

I'd teach in Japan for about a year, then get out of there. The Japanese like American money but they are some of the most xenophobic people on the planet. And before anyone criticizes the US, at least in the US immigrants can become governors, CEOs, professors, etc. In Japan, they really don't want foreigners sticking around too long. Plus they don't have laws like in the US protecting civil rights. A business can deny you service if they want to. Plus, since I want to be a teacher, it is EXTREMELY rare for a foreigner to get a full time position. Oddly enough, the Chinese are more accepting than the Japanese. And that's why I'm going there :)

Takumi of the Wind commented on I WANNA LIVE IN JAPAN
Takumi of the Wind
Apr 25, 15 at 10:20am
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