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Political rants

Apr 08, 21 at 11:12am

I actually mean ideology-wise. The Dems are quite similar to the GOP in the core, except they lean a bit to the Left spectre when it comes to economical and even social policies. It is more politically profitable for the Dems to embrace intersectional pseudo-science or fiscal irresponsibility (I don't know whether that relief bill falls in such) as of now, because the entire American structure is put into discredit, and the GOP actually prefers to maintain the same structure as it is (whether for ideology or opportunism).


Apr 08, 21 at 11:17am

Now, Dr. Jairinho, a representative from Rio de Janeiro (the City, not the State), together with his wife, were arrested on the grounds of not only torturing his step-son for weeks, to end up murdering him.
In the last year, a Carioca (aka from Rio, the State) congresswoman, the pastor and singer Flordelis was arrested on the grounds of ordering her husband's assassination by one of her (many) stepsons (who were also her AFFAIRS in a Sweet Home Alabama fashion).

Both were from the Social CHRISTIAN Party.

Rio de Janeiro is a cesspool of barbarity. It really deserves to be purged to the ground.

Apr 08, 21 at 11:24am

Also, have this guy who looks like our Economics Minister.
He is from the state of Santa Catarina (known coloquially as Santa Catarreich for having lots of German descendants and even Nazi sympathizers)


I wonder what it is with the left and this russian boogeyman. Russia isnt even nearly a threat to US like china is. War with russia is mutually assured destruction, china doesnt even need to go to war and can basically force us to submit. As they have been for almost 3 months now


Great segment


no idea about guns but itll be interesting to see if bidens executive order actually does anything to curb mass shootings or not

if it doesn't then I'm officially ditching the leftist 'gun control' narrative


The supreme court might toss it out, if not that then the states can just ignore it. Then at that point i feel biden becomes the most useless president we had so far. When a state wont even listen to an executive order. Even when the democratic states didnt listen to trump it didnt even help their case. most of these violent shootings happen in blue states anyway.


can they toss out executive orders? isnt the point of those that only presidents can undo them?


I think they can? I mean thats the whole point of checks and balances. To stop the executive branch from having too much power the legislative branch checks it and the judicial branch checks it. But even if they cant no one has to listen to it. I mean who is gonna enforce it? Portland police force lol if they have any left lmfao


oh, so like the supreme court can over turn an executive order, but I'm pretty sure theyr the only ones

idk what the order is about, but if its just about A5's i couldn't care less

if you wanna argue its all for aesthetic purposes because the vast vast vast majority of gun violence is gang related, id agree. its just easier to ban a type of gun then tackle the socioeconomic issues in places where gang violence is prevalent

but i still dont understand why people need that kind of weapon, its just as stupid as wanting to collect dangerous animals, so i couldnt care less about the executive order aside from seeing if it has any real impact

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